Queen of Soul
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  •    Talent

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    After the opening act the talent competition begins! You can be sure that everyone will take notice as you perform a skit, recite a poem, dance, or even sing. What ever talent you posses will be an asset to this phase of the competition. 

  •    Business Wear

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     The business wear competition, for that fashion forward, career minded young lady! Traditionally, business suits are worn during this phase of the competition. You will carry yourself with style and professionalism as you walk across the stage.

  • Fitness Wear

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    The suits chosen for this segment will enhance the physical beauty of each contestant, while maintaining modesty and integrity.

  • Formal Wear

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    You take center stage for the formal wear category, as you to glide across the stage in a formal gown fit for the queen in you! This phase of the competition will show the judges and the audience that you have the poise and sophistication to wear the crown well!

  • Questions and Answers

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     This phase of the competition gets you heard!! You will be asked a question which will take some forethought and imagination. You will judged on how well you respond and detailed your response is.

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San Antonio Queen of Soul, Inc., a member of the San Antonio Fiesta Commission, is a chartered, non-profit, non-political organization.  Our pageant and scholarship programs promote one of the core objectives of the organization: to enhance representation for the African-American community in the city of San Antonioís annual Fiesta celebration and various other civic activities.  


The organizationís conception in the late 1960s was the idea of several civic-minded individuals who sought to address the lack of involvement from the African-American community in the many Fiesta activities. The Board of Directors requested membership in the Fiesta Commission and, once accepted, began its annual ritual of holding a pageant and reception for its contestants.


In preparation for the annual pageant, potential contestants are solicited from schools, churches and a variety of other sources in the San Antonio area.  The primary purpose of the organization is to provide scholarship programs that help emphasize the importance of education and aid motivated young women in attaining their academic goals.  The pageant and scholarship programs identify and assist young ladies in the achievement of excellence in their future paths.  Once selected, our training program reinforces charm, poise, talent enhancement, personal hygiene and self-esteem with our contestants. 


The pinnacle of the organizationís efforts is the Queen of Soul Pageant and Reception.  The selected Queen and her Court then represent the organization in the many exciting activities during Fiesta and numerous civic events throughout the year.  The pageant is designed to create enthusiasm in our young ladies and help them to be aware of their beauty, perfect self-confidence and intellectual abilities.  Each lady in the program is a true representative of her community, school and church. 


We are extremely pleased to be a member of the San Antonio Fiesta Commission, serving for over forty-eight  years.  The Commissionís support is invaluable and we appreciate its continued investment in our growth as a community organization and inclusion as a participating member in all facets of the cityís Fiesta activities. We also thank all of our other dedicated supporters for your constant and continuous encouragement.






 October 11, 2018

Queen of Soul Contestant Reception

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

 Events Tickets $45.00


Saturday, October 13, 2018

  8:01 p.m.

Queen of Soul 50th Annual Pageant

Carver Community Cultural Center, 226 Hackberry Street, San Antonio, TX 78202

 Events Tickets $30.00