Queen of Soul
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  •    Talent

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    After the opening act the talent competition begins! You can be sure that everyone will take notice as you perform a skit, recite a poem, dance, or even sing. What ever talent you posses will be an asset to this phase of the competition. 

  •    Business Wear

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     The business wear competition, for that fashion forward, career minded young lady! Traditionally, business suits are worn during this phase of the competition. You will carry yourself with style and professionalism as you walk across the stage.

  • Fitness Wear

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    The suits chosen for this segment will enhance the physical beauty of each contestant, while maintaining modesty and integrity.

  • Formal Wear

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    You take center stage for the formal wear category, as you to glide across the stage in a formal gown fit for the queen in you! This phase of the competition will show the judges and the audience that you have the poise and sophistication to wear the crown well!

  • Questions and Answers

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     This phase of the competition gets you heard!! You will be asked a question which will take some forethought and imagination. You will judged on how well you respond and detailed your response is.

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Malia Martinez Malia Martinez is a 19 year old student attending Northeast Lakeview College.  She’s enrolled in the Biology Pre-Med Program and aspire to finish college, attend med school and then become an anesthesiologist upon graduation.

While in High School Malia completed the Pharmacy Technician course and upon graduation, she passed the exam and is now a board certified Pharmacy Technician.  She says when she is not studying you can find her enjoying an assortment of hobbies like music, baking, gymnastics, reading, dance or just spending time with friends and family. 

As an event she long looked forward to, Malia enjoyed riding in the Flambeau Parade during Fiesta activities. Her personal Fiesta moto is to take everything in and enjoy the experience while it lasts. 

Malia loves being given the honor and distinct privilege of becoming 2017 Queen of Soul.  She defines a Queen as an example of dignity, trust and respect. She says as a representative of the San Antonio Queen of Soul organization she has the privilege and honor to visit numerous schools, and utilize other media platforms to inspire young ladies to pursue their dreams and goals.

She says meeting all the Fiesta Royalty  including King Antonio, Rey Feo and other Queens was an outstanding experience that will long be remembered.


         Malia Martinez

Miss Queen of Soul 2017



 October 11, 2018

Queen of Soul Contestant Reception

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

 Events Tickets $45.00


Saturday, October 13, 2018

  8:01 p.m.

Queen of Soul 50th Annual Pageant

Carver Community Cultural Center, 226 Hackberry Street, San Antonio, TX 78202

 Events Tickets $30.00